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What Do YOU Think?

I want to hear from you, the Liv Community, to know what works for you, speaks to you, and how to make Liv better! All answers from this survey are ANONYMOUS, yet these answers will help identify ways that may reach you and others in a more timely and intentional way. All feedback will be considered and prayed over. If you don't see a change, based on your specific answer, please know that your feedback is compiled as a whole and prayed about to get clear direction about changes that need to be implemented as well as God's time frame (He has the ultimate authority in all details, big and small).

You are valuable to me, and your input matters! Thank you for taking the time to give me your HONEST feedback! Compliment or criticism, it's treasured, because it brings me, once again, before the Throne to communicate with the LORD!

You won't be contacted for any additional information, based on this survey. I have no way of knowing who replied in what way.

In His Service,


How did you first hear about Liv? *

How many times have you visited Liv?

What is your favorite page in Liv to visit? Why? *

What would make it easier to return to Liv on a regular basis? *

Choose all answers that are true for you.

Do you like the days that posts are published? *

Posts are typically published weekly on either Mondays or Tuesdays as well as either Fridays or Saturdays.

How happy are you with new posts being published 1-2 times per week? *

1=Not very happy, 3= It's fine, 5=Very happy

If you would like to see LESS than 1-2 posts per week, what would you like to see? Then, specify the length of the posts that you would prefer in the "Comments" section below (i.e., shorter than now, longer than now, same).

If you would like to see MORE than 1-2 posts per week, what would you like to see?

What time of the day is best for reading newly published posts? *

Check all that apply.

Have you shared Liv with anyone? If so, whom? *

Check all that apply. List any additional information under the "Comments" section that may be helpful to know.

Liv exists, because I desire to obey and serve the LORD by sharing what He is revealing to me and, hopefully, encourage you in your walk with Him. The only One I want readers to follow is HIM! However, did you know that clicking the "Follow" button on the Liv website will alert you, via email, when new posts are published?

Is there anything else you would like me to know about your Liv experience?

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